VW-CG Security and AV Video Wall Controller

Part Number: VW-CG
Category: Video Wall Controller
The VW-CG series has unique capture and decoder cards of up to 8 HDMI ports per slot and the maximum 10 configurable slots available to providing flexible solutions for the professional AV and Security industries.
  • Up To 8 HDMI per slot & Max. 10 Configurable Slots Available
  • Embedded Linux OS Ensures 24/7 Stable Operation
  • Advanced PCIe Switching Chip in the Industry
  • Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation Technology
  • Supports Picture In Picture Mode
  • Supports Custom EDID, users to Customize the Resolution
Part Number VW-CG Series
Dimensions (Inch/mm) 17.59" x 18.54" x 5.19" / 447mm x 471mm x 132mm
Weight (Lbs/Kg) 31.08 lbs (14.1 Kg)
Power Consumption <350W
BTU: 1194
Service Board Slots 10
Mixed Insertion Support
Control Board Interface 1x network, 1x Console serial, 3x RS232/RS485 serial, 2x USB, 1x RST key, 1x SWAP Hot-swappable key
Operation Voltage 100V~ 240V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature 0°C ~ +50°C (Operation) / -40°C ~ +70°C (Storage)
Humidity 0% ~ 90% (Operation) / 0% ~ 95% (Storage)
Num. of Slot Up to 10 configurable slots available
Signal Input HDMI x4 / HDMI x8
Signal Output HDMI x4 / HDMI x8
Input Resolution XGA:1024x768@60HZ / 720P:1280x720@50HZ / 720P:1280x720@60HZ / SXGA:1280x1024@60HZ / WXGA:1440x900@60HZ / UXGA:1600x1200@60HZ / 1080P:1920x1080@50HZ / 1080P:1920x1080@60HZ / WUXGA:1920x1200@60HZ
Number of Windows Each output can open 8 windows on average
The window opening resources of all output can be shared
Up to 32 windows are allowed for each output
Roam and Overlay The windows can roam at any position on the video wall
Supports window overlay.
Supports picture-in-picture mode
One-click Layout Create a video wall with an M x N lor fixed layout
Multiple Video Walls Create & manage 4 video walls w/ different configurations
Scene Management Up to 64 scenes can be saved
Signal Delay <100ms
Output Sync Fully synchronized
Power Failure Protection The current running services and layout will be retained and restored after restart
Seamless Switching Support
product description
The VW-CG series offers distinctive capture cards and decoder cards with a capacity of up to 8 HDMI ports. Additionally, it provides a maximum of 10 customizable slots that deliver versatile solutions tailored to the needs of the professional AV and security industries.
VW-CG Series


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product features
Video Wall Controller
  • The FPGA architecture and core image processing strategy, in combination, deliver exceptional image processing performance. Moreover, the utilization of an Embedded Linux OS not only guarantees round-the-clock stability but also bolsters device security against potential threats from hackers and viruses.
  • The incorporation of a plug-in design for boards not only offers versatility in board applications but also simplifies system upgrades, expansions, and maintenance processes.
  • Featuring the cutting-edge PCIe switching chip in the industry, this setup ensures that each signal benefits from a dedicated transmission channel. This, in turn, guarantees the real-time display of images across all signals. Additionally, the system allows seamless insertion of service boards into any service board slot, providing users with the flexibility to apply boards as needed.
  • Utilizing the Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation technology, each device boasts the capability to accommodate up to sixteen video walls of varying resolutions. This level of flexibility empowers users to customize the resolution settings according to their specific requirements.
  • Enabling window opening, roaming, and zooming at any position within the video wall, this functionality is supported seamlessly. The utilization of a distinctive video processing algorithm guarantees that image quality remains uncompromised even during zooming operations.
  • The inclusion of a Picture-in-Picture mode empowers users to watch videos overlaid on other windows, offering versatile layout options.

  • The ability to save the video wall layout as a scene for future utilization is a feature. With the capability to store up to 64 scenes, each with a designated sequence, users can conveniently access and employ various predefined configurations.
  • Incorporating an intelligent fan temperature control design, this system effectively maintains optimal heat dissipation and noise levels. This design guarantees that noise remains within a conference room-appropriate range, not exceeding 30 dBA.
  • The system intelligently oversees both board power supply and board temperature, actively identifying any irregularities. In instances of detected abnormal board power supply or temperature, the system takes automatic measures to ensure device operational safety by initiating a shutdown of the affected board.
  • Featuring custom EDID support, this feature empowers users to personalize the resolution settings of input video sources according to their preferences.
  • The system facilitates connectivity with a maximum of 5 board enclosures.


Video Wall Controller Capture Card
  • 4-Port / 8-Port HDMI per Slot.
  • Input Resolution: XGA:1024 x 768@60HZ / 720P:1280 x 720@50HZ / 720P:1280 x 720@60HZ / SXGA:1280 x 1024@60HZ / WXGA+:1440 x 900@60HZ / UXGA:1600 x 1200@60HZ / 1080P:1920 x 1080@50HZ / 1080P:1920 x 1080@60HZ / WUXGA:1920 x 1200@60HZ


  • 4-Port / 8-Port HDMI per Slot.
  • Input Resolution: XGA:1024 x 768@60HZ / 720P:1280 x 720@50HZ / 720P:1280 x 720@60HZ / SXGA:1280 x 1024@60HZ / WXGA+:1440 x 900@60HZ / UXGA:1600 x 1200@60HZ / 1080P:1920 x 1080@50HZ / 1080P:1920 x 1080@60HZ / WUXGA:1920 x 1200@60HZ

Video Wall Controller Graphic Card

Video Wall Controller EZWall Software
  • Supports other manufacturers’ IPC and NVR.
  • Live view, sequence display, play signal source, open windows by one click, split window, window roaming, virtual LED, scenes and scene plans.
  • Supports small pixel pitch LED, turn on/off Uniview screens automatically at a set time, turn on/off manually or with a delay
  • **Includes License Free Software.


Front I/O Port
Video Wall Controller Front Interface


product dimension
VW-CG Dimension


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