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Have you ever attempted to operate a touchscreen monitor or your smartphone with gloves on? Have you ever noticed how the screen won’t respond to your touch? Why is this? Before you can understand why your device or screen doesn’t respond while you are wearing gloves, it is important to first understand how touchscreens work.

Capacitive Touchscreens

There are different touchscreen technologies used in different devices, with capacitive technology being the most common found in smartphones. Essentially, capacitive technology uses sensors designed to react to things that are electrically conductive. Your skin is electrically conductive, which is what allows your screen to react when you touch it, as the sensors sense the input and react accordingly. With the sensors activated, your phone then averages the space being touched by your finger to determine the exact area you were trying to target.

This technology works with anything that is electrically conductive, not just your finger. The only requirement is a sufficient amount of electrically conductive surface touching the screen at the same time. Because most smartphones and touch screens have been optimized to be used by fingers, if you attempt to operate it with something that is too small, the device will be unable to register the touch.

Touch Screens and Gloves

Because touchscreen technology is dependent upon electrically conductive surfaces to work, it should come as no surprise that when wearing gloves your device won’t work. This is because your skin is not coming into contact with the screen, therefore, the sensors do not recognize the touch, thereby not responding. This is because the material that gloves are made of is not electrically conductive, the sensors can not register any input.

Those who live in cold climates and rely on gloves to keep their hands warm can invest in a pair of touchscreen gloves that will allow them to operate a smartphone and touchscreen monitor without having to remove their gloves. These gloves have a special electrically conductive thread used in the fingertips that allow the sensors to register a touch.