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large touch screen monitor

Digital screens have been slowly integrated into the world around you. Whether you walk into a restaurant, access an ATM, or pump gasoline, you’re surrounded by screens at every turn. If you’re a business owner, adding these touch screens to your property should be a priority. Get to know the features that are critical for your outdoor-signage investment. A large touch screen monitor can draw in new clients and keep old ones coming back.

Sizing the Screen

Your first consideration when you begin your touch screen monitor search should be size. Be certain about its intended location. From 10- to 55-inch screens, signage models come in a variety of sizes. Always pick the size that matches your application. It must be large enough to draw attention, but it should not overshadow other important features.

Concerning Durability

A large touch screen monitor must be durable for outdoor-signage applications. The weather can cause damage to some models. Look for screens that have scratch resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof features built into the design.

Illuminating the Subject Matter

Select digital signage that has adjustable brightness. In some cases, the model might come with either manual or automatic brightness control. You must strike a balance between catching a person’s attention and overwhelming them with light.

The brightness and resolution quality often go hand in hand. Look for screens that have the latest resolution values. Choosing 1920×540 resolution is a great place to start. Most quality screens come with LED bulbs that backlight the images with crisp features every day.

Relying on the Latest Technology

It’s a fact that the technology or printed circuit boards within the signage are important considerations. Manufacturers are constantly upgrading their microchips. Look for rapid CPU speed for your touch screen. Without a fast PCB, the images and response time will slow down.

Be aware that last year’s touch screen model may have older technology. These screens are low-cost selections, but the technology will reflect their time period.

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