Fright Insurance and Liability Waiver

Freight Insurance & Liability Waiver

To ensure the quality of GVision product(s) deliveries to customers. We would like to bring this Freight Insurance Liability Waiver shipping-related matter to your attention as we noticed more unusual shipping issues occurred due to the high volume of shipments with all freight companies. We want to offer our valuable customers an option to add or wavier Freight Insurance Liability Waiver on their shipments.

All freight handled and carried by GVision is at OWNER’S RISK OF DAMAGE, LOSS AND DELAY. GVision has limited liability, as per the Waiver at the bottom of this form. If you do not wish to add freight insurance, you have accepted the risk of cargo damage or loss.

Waiver: ALL clients/customers ship at their OWN RISK OF DAMAGE, LOSS OR DELAY: Clients/their customers must buy insurance for the full value of the cargo or accept the risk of loss or damage. GVision and its servants and agents have no liability for any loss, damage or delay howsoever caused, even if by negligence.

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