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The new PCAP touch screens from GVision bring 10-point multitouch to screens of up to 65 inches while GVision’s DS-Series large-format touch-screen monitors reach screen sizes of 84 inches with HD and 4K resolutions and surface light wave touch. With technology like this at one’s disposal, the possibilities for expanding a business and enhancing the customer experience are unparalleled. Among the many ways a large touch screen monitor can be effectively used are for digital signage, interactive guest experiences and presentations.

Digital Signage

Attract attention for your business like never before with a real-time audio-visual experience in whatever environment you need. Set a large touch screen monitor up in a boardroom, waiting room or classroom to welcome attendees as they arrive and provide cursory information or instructions. Use one in a conference hall or trade show to spread your message through the morass of infotainment and draw attendees to your table. You can even set one up outdoors to attract more relevant and interested traffic to your physical location.

Interactive Menus, Maps and Guest Entertainment

By being an interactive solution, large-format touch-screen monitors let you both engage and personalize the guest experience whether for merchandising, advertising or information-sharing. In 2014, New York City’s Grand Central Station started implementing interactive map displays using large-format touch screens to direct riders and provide real-time commuter updates. Meanwhile, restaurants like Pizza Hut have started installing interactive touch-screen tables using large-format monitors to get orders from the diner to the kitchen as quickly and accurately as possible.

Any transportation hub, restaurant or other business with a waiting room that wishes to keep people entertained, informed and, above all, patient, while they wait, can install large-screen monitors to incorporate interactive entertainment, or even infotainment, into the guest experience.


Set the stage, literally, for a speech or presentation by giving audiences a sense of what’s to come and building rapport for your message. Large-format touch-screen monitors make for effective classroom whiteboards, allowing teachers and students to work together in the same digital environment. Team collaborations are also made easier and more efficient using this technology.

Car dealers have now started incorporating large touch-screen monitors into their showcase displays, allowing customers to explore various models and their customization options. Museums, meanwhile, are incorporating the technology into their exhibits. One such location is the Cleveland Museum of Art, which installed a 40-foot-wide display in one of its galleries.

Makers like GVision are developing ever-improved large-format touch-screen monitors that are as rugged and durable as they are cutting-edge