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Touchscreen monitors are the input devices of the future. These fantastic innovations are perfect for medical settings due to their unique benefits. Installing a touch screen monitor for each computer station in your medical practice or hospital is one of the best ways to promote efficiency and cleanliness among your staff. With this simple guide, you can learn more about touchscreen monitors and the incredible benefits that these devices can impart in a medical setting.

Improve Efficiency

By making it easier to pull up and input information, touchscreen monitors improve efficiency across your team. Traditional mouse and keyboard setups are clunky and require a surface such as a desk or tray. Touchscreen monitors eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard, and they can be mounted in almost any position for ease of access. With a touch monitor, it’s easier for your staff to find the information they need at a moment’s notice and take down vital information like patient stats and notes. Your employees will also take note of the fact that they’re working with modern technology. They’ll appreciate the investment that you’ve made into their work environment, leading to overall greater efficiency and morale.

Promote Sanitary Conditions

While traditional mouse and keyboard setups are hard to clean effectively, cleaning a touch screen monitor is as easy as wiping down any other surface. Keyboards are unfortunately filled with crevices that harbor viruses and bacteria. Even the most advanced cleaning methods do nothing to remove the buildup of dust and contaminants that accumulates under the keys. Traditional mice are just as bad, with grime and dust often forming under and between the buttons. Touchscreens, on the other hand, consist of a simple flat surface. While human hands leave oils and other deposits on touchscreens just like any other surface, they can be cleaned often and thoroughly in order to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing medical environment.

Finding the Right Touchscreens

When searching for the right touchscreens for your business, the sheer amount of available options can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s such a relief that GVision can provide for all of your touchscreen needs from one convenient online storefront. If you’re not sure what type of touchscreen monitor is right for your medical setting, just reach out to GVision’s helpful and friendly sales staff to learn more about your options. Just remember that touchscreens are the best tools available for keeping your computer stations efficient and sanitary.

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Classrooms are becoming increasingly technologically advanced. In today’s modern age, it’s not often that you see desktop projectors and TVs on wheels like from the old days. Now, more and more students have access to computers at their desks and digital equipment that turns the classroom into a virtual learning environment.

Many school districts are implementing new equipment initiatives and budgets that include getting laptops for all students. Some schools are also investing in touch screens that students can use while completing classwork. Furthermore, teachers can use these devices during instruction. Here are some of the specific ways that a touchscreen monitor can make a difference in the classroom.

Increasing Student Engagement
Between video games and constant access to mobile technology, it’s hard to keep today’s children engaged in the classroom with just books, paper, and a whiteboard. When you have touch screens in the classroom, it can help increase student engagement. These devices allow a student to write and draw on the screen. Even better is the fact that kids can answer teacher questions and collaborate with each other right on the devices.

Adapting to Fast-Paced Technological Changes
Cartoons, gaming apps, and platforms like Snapchat and YouTube tend to shorten a child’s attention span. You may also suffer from a lack of interest in longer movies or lessons that seem to drone on and on. To change the way that kids are learning, the classroom environment needs to be adapted. A touchscreen monitor from a company such as GVision will help schools and districts adapt to change.

Making More Creative Students
Creativity is often something that is inherently built into people. Generally speaking, however, lots of children have an inherent gift for creativity. Unfortunately, sitting in a classroom all day can really be a drain on inspiration. Touch screens allow kids to get the creative juices flowing again.

A Great Resource for Children With Special Needs
Students who suffer from learning disabilities or other limitations might be shy and bashful when it comes to sharing. When they have a touch screen at their fingertips, they are much more likely to stay engaged and contribute to classroom discussions.

While many parents would argue that kids are in front of screens more than enough already, there are some beneficial uses for a touch screen PC monitor. Weigh the pros and the cons and see why school budgets are going toward monitors and tablets. You may find that touch screens are a wise investment.

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Exploring a foreign country while on holiday is often associated with tourists laden down with maps and translators. They want to know where the top attractions are located so that they can get the most out of their visits. There’s a better way to see the world, however. Touch-display technology, or interactive monitors, is the future of tourism. In fact, they’re helping in countless ways across the globe already.

Information in a Preferred Language

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling the world is not understanding the local language. A touch display can eliminate that problem. Tourists encounter the displays in public areas, such as parks, ports, museums, and airports. The start page begins with a language choice. From that point forward, the person can navigate the maps and other display features in his or her own language. This level of comfort isn’t possible with other types of displays that only can support about two or three languages.

Knowing Where to Go

Each display offers as much information as the tourist would like at a given time. The map component is probably the most important element. With one tap, tourists can find the closest restaurants, hotels, and attractions. There’s no concern over where to find these locations because the map offers landmarks, street names, and other navigational information. Prioritize daily fun by just walking out to a display and tapping on the surface.

Marketing Ease

Cities and companies love the ease with which they can advertise on the displays. Advertisements across the margins or mapped attractions are instantly presented to many travelers each day. Attractions that are hidden gems can quickly become known to the browsing public. Tourism grows by leaps and bounds as visitors share their experiences with others.

Zoom in for Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

Every city that welcomes travelers has the challenge of spreading their funds around. One street or neighborhood might gain all of the tourists’ attention. Quality establishments, including hotels and restaurants, are left out of the lucrative picture. This scenario changes with a touch display. Visitors have a chance to zoom into an interactive map on these displays, which gives them a perfect view of the surrounding city. Mom and pop stores have a chance to impress the tourists as they see more than just the big attractions.

If a company would like to integrate displays into their business model, contacting GVision is a clever place to start.

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Large Format PCAP

In the presence of the right tools, employees are able to increase their productivity, foster collaboration as well as improve on communication. Advancement in technology has given boardroom presentations a touch of class in the way members make presentations. The use of touchscreen monitors has enabled the employees of a firm to not only be effective in their presentation, but also build the image of the firm to potential investors. Interactive touchscreens enable employees to multitask, increase efficiency as well as share ideas successfully.

There are numerous benefits that accrue to a firm that employs touchscreen monitors in its day-to-day operations. The use of touchscreen monitors enhances presentations in boardrooms and other platforms. It allows you to link the monitor to your tablet or phone directly to the screen and, thus, allow you to manage your presentation through your device. Touchscreens not only allow your presentation to be more interactive, but also enable you to make necessary changes in real time. By having touch screen monitors in your boardrooms, it will ensure that your audience is engaged and is attentive throughout the presentation. It also allows the audience to take control of the boardroom as they navigate through the presentation.

The employment of touchscreen monitors in the offices also has an effect of increasing office efficiency. It provides easy access to all the software and apps, which makes your business operations smooth, ensuring that meetings are productive. Making necessary adjustments to group projects becomes very easy as one does so while using their devices. Touchscreens also promote teamwork as group projects are handled conveniently by members.

Team collaboration is one of the reasons why many firms are successful in their operations. This makes it necessary for any organization to come up with ways that ensure teamwork is fostered at all levels. Touchscreen monitors enhance team collaboration as communications are made easily through a display screen. This is a fun and easy way for members in a group project to link up. Whether it is editing or sharing some information regarding the project, employees do so conveniently while employing these devices.

The use of touch screen monitors also enables employees to make necessary changes to a document effectively. Using Airplay, you can connect your phone or tablet to the monitor and make any changes while in the boardroom more effectively. Making revisions prior to making presentations is also very easy when employing a touchscreen monitor. This makes it necessary for organizations to have the devices in their offices because they boost productivity.

GVision has a wide selection of touch screen monitors available that can accommodate even the largest of boardrooms. Check out the selection today, and see how implementing touch screen technology can boost your efficiency! 

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The new PCAP touch screens from GVision bring 10-point multitouch to screens of up to 65 inches while GVision’s DS-Series large-format touch-screen monitors reach screen sizes of 84 inches with HD and 4K resolutions and surface light wave touch. With technology like this at one’s disposal, the possibilities for expanding a business and enhancing the customer experience are unparalleled. Among the many ways a large touch screen monitor can be effectively used are for digital signage, interactive guest experiences and presentations.

Digital Signage

Attract attention for your business like never before with a real-time audio-visual experience in whatever environment you need. Set a large touch screen monitor up in a boardroom, waiting room or classroom to welcome attendees as they arrive and provide cursory information or instructions. Use one in a conference hall or trade show to spread your message through the morass of infotainment and draw attendees to your table. You can even set one up outdoors to attract more relevant and interested traffic to your physical location.

Interactive Menus, Maps and Guest Entertainment

By being an interactive solution, large-format touch-screen monitors let you both engage and personalize the guest experience whether for merchandising, advertising or information-sharing. In 2014, New York City’s Grand Central Station started implementing interactive map displays using large-format touch screens to direct riders and provide real-time commuter updates. Meanwhile, restaurants like Pizza Hut have started installing interactive touch-screen tables using large-format monitors to get orders from the diner to the kitchen as quickly and accurately as possible.

Any transportation hub, restaurant or other business with a waiting room that wishes to keep people entertained, informed and, above all, patient, while they wait, can install large-screen monitors to incorporate interactive entertainment, or even infotainment, into the guest experience.


Set the stage, literally, for a speech or presentation by giving audiences a sense of what’s to come and building rapport for your message. Large-format touch-screen monitors make for effective classroom whiteboards, allowing teachers and students to work together in the same digital environment. Team collaborations are also made easier and more efficient using this technology.

Car dealers have now started incorporating large touch-screen monitors into their showcase displays, allowing customers to explore various models and their customization options. Museums, meanwhile, are incorporating the technology into their exhibits. One such location is the Cleveland Museum of Art, which installed a 40-foot-wide display in one of its galleries.

Makers like GVision are developing ever-improved large-format touch-screen monitors that are as rugged and durable as they are cutting-edge


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Smartphones need touchscreens for practical reasons, but as the technology has evolved, it’s shaped the way users expect to interact with their computing devices. Touch-based interfaces are even becoming prevalent in desktop environments where traditional displays are giving way to touchscreen monitors.

The Touchscreen Revolution

During a recent presentation at the Emerging Displays conference in Santa Clara, California, industry experts forecast that the market for touchscreen modules would be $32 billion by the end of 2018, about double the market size just six years earlier. Phones and tablets have traditionally accounted for most of the demand, but the enormous growth over the past several years can largely be attributed to laptop and desktop screens ranging from 20 inches to 55 inches and beyond.

A Natural Interface

When Microsoft announced a push toward touch interfaces with Windows 8, there were many detractors in the industry who believed that the appeal was limited to phones and tablets. While touchscreens will likely never eliminate keyboards and mice, many tasks are simply faster on a touchscreen monitor. The experience is intuitive, and many people take to it as easily as flipping pages in a book or using their index finger to scan for a particular line while reading. Interactions such as tap or swipe are direct and immediate and eliminate intermediaries between a user and the content being consumed.

Many Applications

A touchscreen isn’t just appropriate for many applications; it has also proved to be the ideal means for certain activities. Reading a book, for instance, is much more natural with touch controls than with a mouse and keyboard. Plus, you can recline without affecting that control. For artists and engineers, touch controls with either their fingers or styluses have proved to be a much more efficient and creative way to transfer conceptualizations to software that allows for sophisticated manipulation. In the business world, touchscreens are increasingly used for delivering and interacting with presentations.

The Road Forward

Companies like GVision have already experienced a sharp increase in touchscreen monitor purchases and expect that to continue. Technological advances have made these screens cheaper and faster to create. This is causing a snowball effect: prices are dropping, which is increasing demand, which is causing supply to rise and prices to drop further. While the market will almost certainly reach $32 billion by 2019, what’s more relevant to you and other end-users is that more than half of laptops and nearly as many desktop monitors will be touch-based.

Be prepared for big changes on the horizon.

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future of technology

There are so many monitor and screen options available to you, that sometimes it seems impossible for you to decide. GVision knows that touch screen monitors are the future of technology, and we consistently see inaccurate or false information circulating about large touch screen monitors. We compiled our top 5 inaccuracies for touch screen monitors to help you find the best screen for you!

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Touchscreen monitors are ever more prevalent in the world today as technology continues to race full-steam-ahead. They are becoming more of a requirement and less of a luxury in the personal and business worlds. The days of paying for goods with actual cash instead of plastic are near extinct, making monitors increasingly more vital to keeping businesses alive. Read more »


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