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touch screen monitors

There are numerous reasons why a museum may want to consider installing touch screen monitors in their facilities. Read on for an overview of how updating your monitors can benefit your facility.

Interactive Exhibits

Installing monitors next to displays easily turns visual-only displays into interactive experiences. Those touring the museum can see news clippings about the events being portrayed. They can also read in-depth articles about particular items on display. Furthermore, games can be created to help attendees grasp crucial concepts behind the exhibit. Museums that have used interactive displays in this way usually find that their ratings increase.

Provide Museum Maps

Many museums offer numerous ways for visitors to explore. Using mapping technology allows participants to find out where the displays they are most interested in are located. Museums can also use touch screen monitors to lead visitors through museums along different pathways based on specific interests. Different paths can even be created based on the time that a person wants to spend in the museum.


Over the years, one of the main struggles that museums have faced is making their facilities accessible to people with disabilities. Modern monitors offer features that enable patrons with visual or reading disabilities to get the exhibit information they need.

White Space

If a museum put everything that they knew about each specimen in their exhibit space, the area around the piece would look cluttered. Using a monitor enables guests to learn about the items that they are interested in at a deeper level while keeping the display area visually inviting. Furthermore, monitors can reduce time spent by staff answering questions while making sure that visitors get accurate information.

Updating Exhibits

It is a relatively simple process to update information shown on displays when new, vital information is uncovered. Since archaeologists and historians are uncovering new facts on a regular basis, this can help visitors get the most recent news about a displayed item. Updates may be used to entice visitors to come back to the museum on an ongoing basis. Additionally, monitors can be used to promote special events related to items on display at the museum.

There are many different ways that monitors can make your museum more inviting to the public. Talk to the experts at GVision to learn more about the many ways that you can use monitors in your museum.